toallas playa piscina villas san blasVillas San Blas has beach – pool towel service. You can order it at the time of booking or up on arrival at the reception. You will benefit from a lighter luggage, as some airlines are restrictive with your luggage weight.


wifi_zoneVillas San Blas, TIAS, has already, a free WIFI service for all our clients. Now it is possible to enjoy the swimming pool and the Lanzarote’s Sun, while we are surfing on the Internet. With this service we tend to be closer to satisfy our clients needs.


The Villas San Blas group has the collaboration of a holistic therapist specialised in oriental therapies and Reiki master healer who offers you the following services in your villa:

  • Reiki: (1 hr.) 60 €
    The most ancient treatment in the world, working on a very profound level. The therapist channels the energy into the person by lying on/off hands. A very relaxing treatment with multiple long term benefits. It is specially indicated for the stressed person and for people with insomnia, fears and unbalances in general.
  • Traditional Thai (Yoga) Massage:(1,30 hrs) 90 €
    Through stretching and pressure point massage with palms, fingers, elbows, knees and feet on the person comfortably dressed one achieves elimination of blockages and a profound relaxation.
  • Indian Head Massage: (1hr.) 60 €
    Massage on shoulders, head and face. The treatment is originated in India, very relaxing, relieves even severe tension in shoulders and neck, improves hair grow and is an excellent treatment against headache and migraine.
  • Tibetan Massage: (1hr.) 66 €
    Full body massage with lots of oil, working on a profound level and thus relieving and eliminating even severe tensions. Aports to the person at the same moment relaxation and energy.
  • Reflexology on the feet: (1hr.) 60 €
    Ancient pressure point therapy. Every point on the feet corresponds with an organ or a spot on the body. Thus stimulating the feet relieves unbalances, relaxes and increases the body’s energy.
  • CHI NEI TSANG (1 hr.) 60 €
    Massaging the abdominal area, our 2nd brain, we eliminate knots which cause pain and unbalance in our whole system/body.

For information & reservation please contact the reception or call (+34) 928 83 44 56

RENT A BIKE: discover Lanzarote in your bike

Lanzarote Roads, paths and promenades next to the sea, are felt in a very special way by biking.
Walking between volcanoes or through small trails, leaves in our minds unforgettable images of the island. It is highly recommended by Villas San Blas to hire a bike.